Zone Security

Solution description

Lidar with a wide ranging range and a high refresh rate is used as the core hardware. It is used in museums, private houses, subways, railway stations, airports and other places where pedestrians are prohibited from passing. When objects pass, the laser emits invisible light. Can detect and alarm, for area protection and intruder location, fence protection, building facade protection, etc.

Applicable Products
Program Features
  • 1

    Long detection radius

  • 2

    up to 50m

  • 3

    high refresh frequency

  • 4

    fast response

  • 5

    anti-light interference

  • 6

    indoor and outdoor use

  • 7

    high refresh frequency

  • 8

    instant feedback

  • 9

    network cable connection

  • 10

    distance up to 50m

  • 11

    100M network cable interface

  • 12

    non-destructive data transmission

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