• Range Frequency 4000Hz
  • Scan Frequency 6-12Hz
  • Range Distance 0.02-12m
  • Scan Angle 360°
  • Angle Resolution 0.54
  • Size 38.6*38.6*33.9
  • The principle of time-of-flight (ToF) laser detection

    It adopts the mature ToF detection principle, it can be easy to integrate into the whole device with a small size, bringing the robot a 360° two-dimensional environment with strong stability and high precision.

  • Self-adjusting refresh rate 360° omnidirectional scanning

    6-12Hz self-adaptive scanning frequency, the speed can be adjusted independently according to functional needs.
    The mechanical structure rotates 360°, continuously obtains angle information, scans and measures in all directions, and outputs point cloud d

  • Lightweight and delicate, adaptable to a wider range

    Smaller appearance and lower power consumption, which can greatly optimize the spatial structure of application products and are suitable for more scenarios.

  • Brushless motor runs efficiently, 10,000 hours of operation

    The brushless motor operates efficiently and has a longer lifespan of 10000 hours