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  • Range Frequency 10k-100kHz
  • Scan Frequency 15-30Hz
  • Range Distance 0.05-5m
  • Scan Angle 30°- 330°
  • Angle Resolution 0.36°
  • Size Φ70*83mm
  • ToF Ranging Technology

    Based on ToF(Time of Flight) principle,
    it is ranging distance by the time difference of emitting and receiving pulse laser.


  • 100kHz High range frequency

    T5 is based on single laser scanning design,and could reach 100k range frequency.
    Combined with self-developed signal processing algorithm,
    it fulfill the requirement for precise mapping, navigation and obstacle avoidance.


  • IP65 Protection level

    T5 has adopted integrated interface design, with compact structure design,
    Ethernet for data communication and achieved IP65 protection level.


  • 100M adaptive cable interface

    T5 has RJ45 interface, support 10M/100M adaptive cable interface,
    lossless data transmission in long distance, to keep the integrity of the data info.


  • Applications

    AGV Navigation 丨 Robot Obstacle Avoidance 丨 Regional Security 丨Environment Scanning 丨 Contour Detection丨Aided Driving