• Range Frequency 20000Hz
  • Scan Frequency 5-12Hz
  • Range Distance 0.05-30m
  • Scan Angle 360°
  • Angle Resolution 0.09°-0.22°
  • Size Φ75.8*34.7mm
  • ToF(Time of Flight) ranging technology

    which is ranging by the time difference of laser emitting and receiving,
    the ranging precision of ToF lidar does not change with distance,
    and even have higher accuracy for farther objects ranging.

  • 360 degree omnidirectional scanning

    Range module inside rotates 360 degree to obtain surrounding information.

  • compact structure, suitable for integration

    Flat and thin, with height of just 3.47cm,
    it has greatly optimized the structure of integrated products.

  • Enclosed housing, IP65 proof level

    Enclosed design to protect core range module,
    enabling range in complex applications outdoors.

  • Applications

    Mapping | Obstacle Avoidance | Navigation | Screen Interaction | autonomous photogrammetry | Regional security