• Range Frequency 10k-100kHz
  • Scan Frequency 15-30Hz
  • Range Distance 0.05-15m
  • Scan Angle 30°-330°
  • Angle Resolution 0.36°
  • Size Φ70*83mm
  • ToF Ranging Technology

    Based on ToF(Time of Flight) principle, it is ranging distance by the time difference of emitting and receiving pulse laser.
    Its ranging accuracy does not change with distance,
    and is more precise for detecting objects in further distance.

    YDLIDAR T.png

  • Resistant to daylight could be used outdoor

    T15 is based on TOF principle, which is highly resistant to strong daylight interference,
    could realize high frequency , high precision ranging and mapping indoor or outdoor.


  • 30000Hz High frequency

    T15 is based on single laser scanning design, could get 30000 samples per second.
    Combined with self-developed signal processing algorithm,
    it could fulfill the requirement of precise mapping , navigation and obstacle avoidance in outdoor.


  • 35Hz scan frequency

    Max 35Hz scan frequency,fast response ,high frequency, high repeatability, high consistency


  • Application

    AGV Navigation 丨 Robot Obstacle Avoidance 丨 Screen Interaction 丨 3D Reconstruction 丨 Regional Security 丨 Aided Localization