• Range Frequency 20KHz~40KHz
  • Scan Frequency 10~30Hz
  • Range Distance 0.05~25m
  • Scan Angle 300°
  • Angle Resolution 0.18~0.54(20KHz)0.09~0.27(40KHz)
  • Size 53*53*82
  • Single-Line Scanning Design

    Using ToF (Time of Flight) time-of-flight ranging technology, the distance is measured according to the round-trip time difference of laser pulses. The accuracy of Lidar ranging will not change with the distance, and the detection of long-distance objects

  • High-speed ranging

  • Industrial LIDAR

    Adopt industrial interface design, and use network protocol for point cloud data transmission

  • Meet the needs of outdoor application scenarios

    Strong ability to resist ambient light interference, IP67 dustproof and waterproof