• Range Frequency 3000 Hz
  • Scan Frequency 6 Hz
  • Range Distance 0.12~8 m
  • Scan Angle 360°
  • Angle Resolution 0.72°
  • Size Φ58.3*96*40.8mm
  • The principle of Time-of-Flight laser detection

    TSA adopts ToF (Time of Flight) ranging technology, which measures the distance according to the round-trip time difference of laser pulses. The lidar ranging accuracy does not change with the distance.

  • Self-adjusting refresh rate 360° scanning

    5Hz-8Hz adaptive scanning frequency, enabling customers to adjust the speed according to the function needed.The mechanical structure is 360° rotation, which continuously obtains angle information, scans and measures in all directions, and stably outputs.

  • Enclosed cover

    The fully enclosed cover protects the internal ranging core. It effectively isolates hair & tiny particles and avoids external interference, further improving lidar stability and user experience.

  • FDA Class I safety standard

    The infrared point pulsed laser used by TSA complies with FDA Class I eye safety standards to protect eye health of children and pets.

  • Applications