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Hygiene Robot

Solution description

The autonomous mobile robot carries a variety of disinfection schemes, such as ultra dry atomization disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection. It can select the appropriate disinfection mode according to the needs of the site, flexibly and efficiently complete the disinfection and sterilization work in a variety of environments. 

Through the high standard configuration, the robot can be fully automatic and intelligent implementation, non-contact to achieve 360 ° coverage of disinfection without dead angle, reduce the risk of personnel contact infection, kill the virus and bacteria within the scope of operation, and fully protect your health!

Ultra dry fog disinfection: The ultra dry fog diffusion disinfection scheme can thoroughly disinfect the air in the closed space environment and all kinds of bacteria, viruses and spores on the surface of the object. The effect can reach the disinfection level of LG6 and avoid the corrosion of the room items. The specific time depends on the size of the disinfection room.

Ultraviolet disinfection: Ultraviolet disinfection is to destroy the molecular structure of DNA (DNA) or RNA (RNA) in the cells of the organism by using ultraviolet light of appropriate wavelength, causing the death of growth cells and / or regenerative cells, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection. However, it is necessary to avoid exposure to human body to prevent burns.

Applicable Products
Program Features
  • 1

    Micron level atomization

  • 2

    Efficient ultraviolet disinfection

  • 3

    Full coverage disinfection

  • 4

    High sterilization rate

  • 5

    Detachable water tank design

  • 6

    Autonomous Mobile

  • 7

    Intelligent obstacle avoidance

  • 8

    Automatic recharge

  • 9

    Safe and reliable

Customers cases
  • For hospital
  • For hotel
  • For waiting hall
  • For school