Digital multimedia interaction

Solution description

    The application can be connected to the YDLIDAR lidar of Unity3d, TUIO, C # SDK. It has the functions of network transmission, hot plugging, heartbeat, and automatic reconnection. It can help the integrated system convert the monitoring points into coordinate data through the radar detection area. Realize various mouse events, and then realize interactive entertainment activities such as wall surface projection interaction, ground projection interaction, glass plank path, scenic spots, children's entertainment interaction, and smashing.

Applicable Products
Program Features
  • 1

    Novel form

  • 2

    strong sense of technology

  • 3

    immersive participation

  • 4

    good experience

  • 5


  • 6

    multi-person interaction

  • 7

    up to 18000 times / S detection frequency

  • 8

    high refresh frequency

  • 9

    instant feedback

  • 10

    network cable connection

  • 11

    distance up to 50m

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