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Hot Product Recommendation | T-mini Pro ToF LiDAR for Precision Sensing, Capturing Everything in Sight


As an important carrier for the integration and innovation of emerging technologies, the robotics industry has experienced rapid growth as technology evolves, functional integration increases, and the demand for intelligence in various life scenarios accelerates.


At the same time, the rapid changes in user demand are shortening product lifecycles. While the foundation of the industry continues to strengthen, key links in the industry chain are also breaking through and improving innovation and stability, providing deep empowerment for the artificial intelligence industry.


For instance, in the perception application layer, robots are shifting from single perception to global perception, evolving from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence. The integration and innovation of technologies up and down the industry chain are accelerating the industrialization of artificial intelligence.


Shenzhen EAI Technology Co., Ltd. (EAI Technology), as a key link in China's artificial intelligence industry chain, with independent brands and core technology in the intelligent sensor field, is also known as a "national-level specialized and new 'little giant'" enterprise. Over the past few years, through accumulation and energy storage, EAI Technology has significantly enhanced its core competitiveness and ecological influence, and it has embraced vast development opportunities in the post-pandemic era.


Precision Perception, Capturing Everything in Sight


EAI Technology has always adhered to the principle of "self-developed chips + algorithm innovation," continuously consolidating its core technological advantages, and focusing on the market to enrich its product matrix and strategic layout. With the support of leading software and hardware technology capabilities, EAI Technology's self-developed compact ToF LiDAR, T-mini Pro, received high recognition from industry clients shortly after its launch last year.


This intelligent sensor meets the complex requirements of various indoor and outdoor application scenarios. By combining exceptional field of view breadth with sensing distance, it can achieve a perception radius of 12 meters and 360° all-around intelligent perception. It maintains high precision and sensitivity, enabling high-quality and efficient millisecond-level data scanning and analysis, including the recognition of static and dynamic obstacles. With an extremely compact design, the T-mini Pro can be efficiently deployed and is flexible in its adaptation to home and commercial service robots such as robotic vacuum cleaners, service robots, and lawn mowers, capturing the surrounding environmental information effectively.


Furthermore, on the foundation of strengthening its technical capabilities, EAI Technology is continually enhancing its large-scale production and delivery capabilities. Its annual production capacity has expanded to 6 million units, and it's continuously refining and optimizing a one-stop customer service system that includes installation, deployment, calibration, and debugging. This solidifies the basis for the high-speed development, cost optimization, and performance improvement of customer products, providing a dependable and stable guarantee.


With EAI Technology's profound understanding of intelligent perception in various sectors, including consumer, commercial, and industrial, the company is committed to pure and passionate innovation. In the future, EAI Technology will continue to enrich its portfolio of intelligent sensor products, encompassing various forms, dimensions, and levels. It will expand its presence into more domains and work closely with partners across the industry chain to strengthen multidimensional environmental perception and integration capabilities. EAI Technology aims to enhance the industry's supply chain and capabilities, break traditional boundaries for AI products, empower smart and better lives, and contribute to elevating China's AI industry towards the high end of the global value chain.


Background information reference: Shanghai Science and Technology News, CCID Consulting.