EAI Technology Lidar Shipment Breaks 2 Million Units, soaring to a greater height !


As one of the few EAI technologies in the industry that can meet both consumer-level and commercial-level Lidar mass production, it has only been established for 6 years. With the rapid growth of the team, it has been transformed from an innovative technology research and development enterprise into a national high-tech enterprise that can be mass-produced and widely applied in the market. The shipment volume reached the expectation, marking the precise development strategy of EAI Technology. Its outstanding market performance, leading technical level, perfect service system and reliable delivery quality control capabilities have been highly recognized by all walks of life in the industry.

Aiming at the track, precise empowerment

   Against the background of an aging population, rapid urbanization, and normalization of epidemic prevention, the widespread penetration of various service robots such as cleaning, food delivery, and disinfection in life has been accelerated. Among the home service robots, the market popularity of cleaning vacuum is also increasing year by year. Varity of brands continue to innovate, attracting a large amount of capital to enter the market, allowing more and more cleaning vacuum to enter thousands of households. Perception is the most basic and necessary ability for robot intelligence. With the accelerated development of robots, smart sensors, as the core components for robots to perceive everything, have also ushered in unprecedented development dividends.

   As a witness, participant and pioneer of the development of smart sensors in China, EAI Technology has been focusing on the R&D and innovation of smart sensors and their solutions, aiming at the smart robot track and enabling precise empowerment.

   In the sensor positioning technology design of service robots and clean vacuum. Compared with other obstacle avoidance modes, lidar has higher recognition accuracy and faster feedback speed. It can also monitor the surrounding environment in real time, and then process and analyze the data obtained by the lidar through the SLAM algorithm, which can further build accurate map navigation and global path planning for the robot.

Indeed, EAI Technology’s lidar has excellent stability performance. In addition to being able to effectively cope with various complex environments such as drops, sports, high and low temperatures. Furthermore, according to the characteristics of different types of robots, the performance of ranging, frame rate, resolution, accuracy, etc. can be customized to make the adaptability and flexibility of the robot effectively improved to meet the application requirements of more scenarios.

     Following the trend of the industry and exerting its overall advantages, EAI Technology has been highly affirmed by customers with its efficient product iteration capabilities, plentiful product matrix layout, and its advantages in both performance and cost, and has become a leading brand in the field of smart sensors in China.

Diversified products to solve pain points

   As a technology-driven company, EAI Technology has always attached great importance to product R&D and innovation, with "self-developed chips + algorithm optimization" as its two wings, and driven by the promotion of the commercial application of artificial intelligence products. Furtherly, EAI has created a lush and diverse array of smart sensor products and customized solutions that can be continuously upgraded, giving surging momentum to the large-scale market promotion of artificial intelligence products.

     Talent is the foundation of technological innovation. EAI Technology actively builds nests to attract phoenixes, and builds a team of talents with solid technical level and thriving practical experience. In addition to the R&D headquarters in Shenzhen, it has also established research institutes in Wuhan and Xi'an to gather professional talents from all parties to provide the source of power for continuous technological research.

   At present, EAI Technology’s own brand "YDLIDAR" covers lidar products of multiple principle categories such as triangle, ToF, solid state, single-point ranging, etc. The product range extends to smart cities, smart government affairs, smart homes, smart offices, smart factories, smart exhibitions and other vertical fields, such as clean vacuum, service robots, digital multimedia interaction, industrial automation, etc.

     Among them, EAI Technology's fourth-generation dedicated laser lidar for clean vacuum-fully enclosed dustproof, waterproof and hair-proof dToF laser lidar has attracted attention as a star product. Also, the commercial-grade thin and light ToF lidar with completely independent intellectual property rights was also rated as an excellent product of the High-tech Fair. Today, EAI technology has met the full-scene application requirements of artificial intelligence products for lidar, and has been tested by benchmark customers in large-scale mass production in multiple dimensions such as product development, process, quality control, and delivery capabilities.

Mass production to ensure quality control

      On the one hand, EAI Technology builds a fully independent research and development system, maintains the independence and continuity of core technologies, and meets the needs of different downstream customers to the greatest extent, and iteratively optimizes solutions through customer feedback and scenario experiments; On the other hand, EAI Technology also attaches great importance to the quality management system, and has passed the "Smart Factory Quality Management System Review ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certification." EAI Technology takes "quality control" as the core. While adding new production lines, it strictly requires the production environment, continuously innovates and implements the closed-loop production process. The enterprise spirit of "pragmatism and diligence" runs through all aspects of raw material inspection and traceability, product assembly, delivery testing, process 7x24 real-time monitoring and early warning. Besides, strictly guarantees the reliable production process, stable quality control capabilities and high-quality products. quantity.

   At the same time, EAI Technology actively introduces automated production equipment, supported by strong intellectual manufacturing capabilities, which effectively reduces labor costs and improves production efficiency. At present, EAI Technology's self-built smart factory in Dongguan has an annual production capacity of about 5 million units. Furthermore, the EAI Technology Park built by EAI Technology in ZhongKai National High-tech Zone in Huizhou has successfully laid the foundation this year. After the plan is completed and put into use, the annual output will reach 25 million units. It will be built with smart sensors and artificial intelligence related supporting facilities in the upstream and downstream industrial chain as the core, a comprehensive and innovative science and technology park integrating high-tech R&D and intelligent manufacturing, provide strong back-end support for the output of artificial intelligence front-end products.

International layout to promote development

   At present, EAI Technology has served more than 40 countries and regions all over the world, including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and more than 200 enterprises, institutions and universities. It has formed high-quality partnerships with well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Yunjing, Midea, Samsung, Panasonic, and KUKA. By setting benchmark cases, EAI Technology has realized the horizontal and large-scale replication of solutions to multiple sensors and multiple types of artificial intelligence products. Indeed, the successful experience of EAI technology has won the attention and favor of capital for many times, and has become a lidar head supplier in the scanning robot industry.

   Moreover, relying on excellent product technical capabilities, "0" delayed after-sales response capabilities, and in-depth insights into user pain points, EAI Technology's positive flywheel effect of "R&D-Product-Customer-Scaling-Branding" appears. Recognized by the industry and won the honors with "Shenzhen Top Ten Key Components Enterprise", "Robot Technology Innovation Enterprise Award", "OFweek Cup 2020 China Robot Industry Annual Excellent Supplier Award/2021 China Intelligent Manufacturing Annual Excellent Supplier Award" ", "AWE2021 Epland Award Smart Technology" and so on.

      Finally, from the "+Sensor" to the "Sensor+" era, EAI will continue to lead, explore, and break through boundaries, and deeply cultivate various vertical segments such as commerce and industry. Introduce professional technology research and development and service talents, continue to promote technological innovation and product trend prediction, integrate technological innovation with market demand in depth, and continuously expand the service depth and breadth of smart sensor solutions. Furthermore, always practice the values of "pragmatic, diligent, altruistic, and win-win cooperation", and work with upstream and downstream parties and partners in the industry chain to break through application barriers and accelerate integration and innovation. Complete the goal of continuously empowering the artificial intelligence industry ecosystem and helping the high-quality and high-volume development of the artificial intelligence industry.