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The Songling LIMO series has been fully upgraded, with EAI Technology's intelligent sensors contributing to limitless innovation


Since the launch of the multimodal robot ROS development platform LIMO, Songling Robot has been committed to promoting the wide application of mobile robots and ROS systems. Recently, the comprehensive upgrade of the LIMO series will bring more powerful innovation capabilities to developers and promote the realization of infinite possibilities of robot technology. In this upgrade, both LIMO PRO and LIMO ROS2 are equipped with intelligent sensors from Shenzhen EAI Technology Co., Ltd. (EAI Technology). Through the cleverly designed, high-precision, and high-stability EAI Technology self-developed product T-mini Pro, precise autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance have been achieved, and the perception performance has been fully upgraded.


Performance has been fully improved, and the PRO version helps develop advanced applications

In this upgrade, LIMO PRO uses the new Orin Nano industrial control machine, equipped with high-end sensors, the hardware performance has been fully improved, the endurance has been enhanced, and it can help develop more advanced robot applications. Orin Nano is a small, high-performance embedded AI computing platform. It uses an advanced neural network accelerator, and its AI performance is 80 times higher than the previous generation of products. With the EAI T-mini Pro laser radar, LIMO PRO has very powerful capabilities in environmental perception and intelligence. This makes it an ideal platform for developing advanced applications such as autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and visual recognition.


ROS2 version helps explore cutting-edge technology

On the other hand, the LIMO ROS2 robot uses the Intel NCU i7 processor and can run ROS 2 Humble on Ubuntu 22.04, providing an important platform for autonomous mobile robot research and education. ROS 2, as an upgraded version of ROS, has made major optimizations in safety, reliability, component ecology, and other aspects while ensuring long battery life. It is currently the industry-leading robot development framework. LIMO ROS2 is perfectly compatible with ROS 2, and users can learn and practice its latest features, such as Navigation2 and MoveIt2 and other cutting-edge technologies.


The product matrix is complete and meets different needs

These two products each have their own characteristics and form a complete product matrix with the original LIMO standard version, which can meet the different needs of developers. Songling Robot provides developers with a high-performance, easy-to-use, and expandable open-source platform to help unleash the full potential of innovation.


Working together to expand diverse scenarios

In the future, Songling Robot plans to continue expanding more modules on the LIMO platform, such as integrated mechanical arms, various sensors, etc., to further expand the application field of robots. EAI Technology will leverage its software and hardware technology strengths accumulated in the intelligent sensor industry to provide strong perception empowerment for the innovation and evolution of partners’ products, and work together to add energy and momentum to the high-quality development of the artificial intelligence industry.