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EAI Technology Meets Xiaomi on the Path to Dreams


Curiosity is the driving force behind technological progress.

Technology can bring about a better life for humanity, or it can completely disrupt it.


Technology brings a better life.

On the evening of August 14th, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi Technology, held his fourth annual speech titled "Growth" at the National Convention Center. During the three-hour annual speech, Lei Jun shared Xiaomi's technology upgrade strategy and unveiled groundbreaking new products for the year. Among them, the revolutionary new biomimetic quadruped robot "Xiaomi CyberDog 2" made its debut during the presentation.

In the core components showcase of this intelligent pet, CyberDog 2, the "YDLIDAR TG30 LiDAR" developed by Shenzhen Wanzhi Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (EAI Technology) was prominently featured and introduced during the speech.


The TG30 LiDAR, developed by EAI Technology, previously received the title of "Outstanding Product of the 2020 China High-Tech Fair." It boasts strong resistance to intense light interference, a maximum ranging distance of up to 30 meters, and an IP65 protection rating, making it effective in various indoor and outdoor complex environments while being dustproof and waterproof. Additionally, with its high-precision and highly stable 360° omnidirectional scanning, the TG30 provides CyberDog 2 with functionalities such as mapping, navigation, obstacle avoidance, and path planning. It also ensures effective support for various high-simulation, high-difficulty actions like continuous backflips, skateboarding, automatic standing, as well as uninterrupted "24-hour" surveillance.



Strengthening the Foundation, Continuing to Lead

During the eight years of pursuing our dreams, EAI Technology has bridged the three core technologies of hardware, software, and chips. We have pioneered in bringing the price of smart sensors down to the hundred-yuan level, thereby supporting the industry in achieving domestic replacement. We have achieved leading product performance, cutting-edge manufacturing processes, and a focus on user experience. We were also the first to enter the era of mass production of consumer-grade and commercial-grade smart sensors.


EAI Technology has always adhered to an "innovation-driven" approach, with a market-oriented focus. We rely on "chip self-research + algorithm innovation" as our dual pillars, fortifying our intellectual property defenses, enriching our product portfolio, and advancing our strategic positioning. On the product front, EAI Technology constantly pursues high performance, stability, and scalability. We prioritize providing high-value products while pushing for integration and chip-level innovations, which lays a solid foundation for our customers' product evolution, cost optimization, and performance enhancement.


Steadfastly Grounded, Gazing at the Stars

Thank you to all our partners who have supported and affirmed EAI Technology's growth journey. EAI Technology will continue to ignite the fire of pursuing "light" and focus on the smart sensor track, aiming to break through cognitive boundaries, challenge unlimited possibilities, and co-create the grand future of the AI industry with all dream-chasers. Let technology continue to bring intelligent and better lives to people.


*The images, parameters, and related data quoted in the article are sourced from official Xiaomi channels.