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Bo Tang, member of the Standing Committee of Nanshan District Committee, led a team to EAI Technology to help enterprises rescue


On April 26, Bo Tang, member of the Standing Committee of the Nanshan District Committee, together with Limei Gong, secretary general of the Nanshan District minor enterprise Development Promotion Association, and relevant leaders of the Market Advertising and Consumer Protection Section and the Licensing and Registration Section of the Nanshan District Market Supervision Bureau went to Shenzhen EAI Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as : EAI Technology) on-site visits to understand the development needs of minor enterprises in the post-pandemic area, help enterprises to bail out, and open up the last "mile" of beneficial services for enterprises.


Visit the EAI Technology Exhibition Hall together, and watch the EAI Technology Dongguan Smart Factory from the cloud video

Frankin Wang and Ying He expressed their heartfelt thanks to Bo Tang and his delegation for their on-site guidance and nanshan District government's action of "thinking what the enterprise wants and responding to what the enterprise needs urgently".


Bo Tang understood the product characteristics of EAI technology and appreciated the core competitiveness of EAI Technology

In the past, Shenzhen has experienced the most severe, complex and urgent epidemic prevention situation since the outbreak of COVID-19. In the process of "coordinating efforts" to fight the epidemic and stabilize the economy, the government and enterprises of Nanshan District have worked together to overcome the difficulties and introduced a series of preferential rescue policies that are inclusive, precise, forward-looking and convenient at the first time.


Bo Tang had a discussion with relevant representatives of EAI Technology to communicate the development needs of the enterprise one to one

      Bo Tang said in the survey, EAI Technology has transformed from an innovative enterprise of intelligent sensor technology research and development into a national high-tech enterprise and Guangdong SPRI enterprise that can be mass-produced and widely used in the market in just six years, showing the surge of vitality and innovation, which is very representative.


Frankin Wang, CEO of EAI Technology, expressed heartfelt thanks to Bo Tang and his delegation for their support and action to benefit the enterprise

     In 2022, under the influence of external factors such as lack of "core" tide, COVID-19 epidemic and international situation, EAI Technology always adheres to independent research and development of core technologies and focuses on ensuring supply, quality and performance. On the one hand, EAI does a good job in predicting external situation, reserving raw materials, strengthening supply chain coordination ability and ensuring stable product delivery; On the other hand, by chip research + algorithm optimization, the product to integration, small iteration upgrade, with the ultimate cost performance, promote the large-scale production of intelligent sensors, for the artificial intelligence industry deeply empowered.


Ying He, COO of EAI Technology, introduced the development of the company in detail for Bo Tang and his delegation

     In the future, EAI Technology will continue to uphold the values of "pragmatic, progressive, altruistic, win-win cooperation", adhere to innovation, self-innovation, breakthrough boundaries, expand to commercial, industrial and other vertical segmentation fields, create more categories, suitable for more fields of intelligent sensor product matrix. In Shenzhen Nanshan this piece of hot land erupts vigorous kinetic energy.