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EAI technology broke out and handed over the "Hardcore Answer Sheet" in the first quarter of 2022


In the smart factory of Shenzhen EAI Technology Co., Ltd. (EAI Technology), various production lines of smart sensors are working with precision, standard and agility, and smart robotic arms are busy waving on the automated production line. Screw locking, assembly, soldering, glue dispensing, functional testing... all links are closely coordinated, a busy scene. Furthermore, raw material warehousing, scanning code on the screen, data tracking... The production visualization board clearly displays each process data, and the upstream and downstream closed loops of the industrial chain realize information exchange. The full-process digitization and intelligent management of smart factories have shown results, and the shipments of EAI Technology in the first quarter also exceeded the set target.


Adversity breaks the situation and rises from a high platform

With the popularization of artificial intelligence applications and the prevalence of the lazy economy, it will drive the rapid development of the smart sensor industry. In the next few years, the smart sensor industry will usher in a period of rapid growth. Under the influence of the lack of "core" and the international situation, the delivery capacity of the production and the reserve capacity of each link of the industrial chain will become the key for manufacturers to break through.

At the beginning of 2022, the repetition of COVID-19 once again pressed the slow travel button for the city. EAI technology, based on the premise of epidemic prevention and control, EAI explained it with practical actions, under the complex external situation, technological innovation-oriented enterprises ensure the "Shenzhen speed" of supply, quality and performance. While ensuring the progress of product research and development, EAI technology has built a high technology platform by mobilizing resources from all parties for joint debugging and testing. And through "chip self-research + algorithm optimization" to break through adversity, iteratively upgrade products to integration and miniaturization, creating core technical barriers; On the other hand, EAI Technology has ensured high-standard and stable batch delivery of products through measures such as great situation prediction, strategic deployment, strengthening of raw material reserves, and strengthening of supply chain coordination capabilities. Indeed, EAI Technology's responsiveness to external challenges, as well as its industry-leading quality, craftsmanship, and delivery capabilities have been highly recognized by the industry. Therefore, at the beginning of the year, it was successively rated as "strategic supplier" by Midea Group Microwave and Cleaning Division and Midea Group Midea Technology Co., Ltd.

Innovation and evolution Enrich product matrix

In the first quarter of 2022, EAI Technology continued to tackle key technical problems, enriched the product matrix, and launched a variety of self-developed lidars. One of them is the GS2 solid-state line lidar. This lidar can accurately detect the live situation along the wall, effectively identify small objects, and assist the robot to scan the blind area with an ultra-wide field of view of FOV of 100°. At the same time, GS2 provides two waveband options of 808nm and 850nm to meet a variety of refined detection needs and help smart devices such as robot vacuum cleaner and service robots to complete a number of difficult tasks. At present, GS2 has been widely used in many fields such as robot vacuum cleaner along the wall, positioning measurement, robot anti-drop, machine grasping and positioning.


Since inception, EAI Technology insists on self-research of core technologies, enriches the multi-dimensional environment perception and fusion capabilities of smart sensors, creates smart sensor products with full-scenario and full-stack technology, and maintains rapid iterative upgrades., EAI Technology insists on self-research of core technologies, enriches the multi-dimensional environment perception and fusion capabilities of smart sensors, creates smart sensor products with full-scenario and full-stack technology, and maintains rapid iterative upgrades. And in the near future, the ToF lidar T-mini with 4000Hz high-speed ranging frequency and another miniature ultrasonic sensor US5 will be available soon.

In early 2022, the establishment of EAI Technology Wuhan Research Institute will further leverage the talent advantages, optoelectronic industry cluster effect and profound scientific research strength of Wuhan Optics Valley. It injects new kinetic energy into the product pre-research capabilities of EAI Technology, especially for the intelligent sensor matrix construction in the industrial field, enabling accurate detection at the end of industrial robots and flexible intelligent manufacturing.

Based on quality, "digital intelligence" drives steady growth

At present, the "Data Middle Office Management System" created by EAI Technology has begun to take effect. First, driven by "digital intelligence", the smart factory with an annual output of 5 million units has achieved precise control over the entire production process, information exchange throughout the process, and effective management and support for the quality inspection and traceability of raw materials. Secondly, enterprise strategic decision-making is also more standardized through accurate data analysis, so that EAI technology has further improved the level of automation, digitization and intelligence on the basis of lean, agile and standardized.

The EAI Science and Technology Park constructed by Huizhou ZhongKai National High-tech Zone has started construction, and after it is completed and put into use in the future, it will enable intelligent sensors and artificial intelligence upstream and downstream industry chains with a production capacity of 25 million units, and provide a strong back-end support for the output of artificial intelligence front-end products.


In the future, EAI Technology will continue to adhere to the values of "pragmatism, refinement, altruism, and win-win cooperation", market-oriented, and high-frequency collaboration with upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain. With the profound accumulation in the field of fusion perception, participate in the implementation of artificial intelligence projects and the ecological construction of the industrial chain, and continuously expand the scope and depth of the application of intelligent sensors in the field of artificial intelligence, and with high-precision perception, the ultimate cost-effective large-scale mass production and full of vitality, foresight, and innovation to fully empower the artificial intelligence industry ecosystem.