• Range Frequency 4000Hz
  • Scan Frequency 5-12Hz
  • Range Distance 0.1-8m
  • Scan Angle 360°
  • Angle Resolution 0.63°
  • Size Φ60*47.5*96mm
  • TOF Ranging Technology

    Based on TOF(Time of Flight)ranging technology,the accuracy of lidar does not change with distance,
    has precise and stable detection in long distance.


  • Resistant to daylight could be used outdoor

    TX8 is based on TOF principle, which is highly resistant to strong daylight interference,
    could realize high frequency , high precision ranging and mapping indoor or outdoor.


  • 4000Hz Sampling Rate

    TX8 has adopted self-developed optical visual collecting and processing technology,
    range frequency up to 4000 HZ, has fast perception of surrounding outline in detection range,
    could get fast and precise mapping.

  • Compliant with FDA Class 1 Safety Level

    With safe and low power consumption IR laser tube and PWM to control,
    it is compliant with class I laser standard, which is safe to human eye.
    Together equipped with self-developed safety alert system,
    will shut off automatically when abnormality

  • Applications

    Mapping 丨 Obstacle Avoidance丨 Screen Interaction 丨 3D Reconstruction 丨 Regional Security 丨 Aided Localization