EAI "Product Quality Management" training was successfully held


The product is the shell, and the quality is the soul. In the pursuit of product excellence and customers’ achievements, we EAI technology (YDLIDAR) held a quality training meeting with the theme of "product quality management" on July 17 in Dongguan ABTY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. We invited quality experts with 15 years of quality management experience to conduct on-site training specially.


In this training, the trainer analyzed theoretical knowledge and practical cases at the same time in a way of teaching from shallow to deep, from broad to specialized, and introduced the commonality of general industry quality management to deepen the quality management system construction of the LiDAR industry step by step, which not only improved consensus of relevant personnel in R&D, quality, production, sales, operations, etc. on the importance of quality management. At the same time, they have provided constructive suggestions for EAI to improve and optimize the existing quality management measures in the next step.


As a series of national policies continue to promote the high-speed and efficient development of the smart sensor and integrated circuit industry, as well as the iterative upgrade of new-generation information technologies such as 5G, big data, and artificial intelligence, LiDAR has entered into a stage of accelerated development and into public vision, especially in the fields of intelligent service robots, vacuum robot cleaners, drone driving, 3D printing, digital multimedia interaction, etc. In recent years, exposure of the unmanned technic of Google, Tesla, as of Narwal intelligent vacuum robot cleaner, LiDAR sensors have frequently appeared as indispensable key components.According to the forecasts of the relevant agencies, the lidar market volume is expected to increase from $844 million in 2019 to $2.273 billion in 2024.


As a high-tech enterprise that develops and manufactures intelligent LiDAR sensors and whose products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions, EAI will always adhere to the service concept of "integrity to create quality, and quality to create success", focusing on customer needs, product development, design, manufacturing and testing, and also focusing on product quality concepts with all employees and in the whole chain, to provide "charm quality" beyond expectations, to create a higher level of value for customers, and ultimately bring every customer success.