EAI Tech--Ten Key Robotics Accessories Enterprises and Innovation Award by SRA


On May 29th, the launching ceremony of "2019 Shenzhen Robot Industry Development White Paper (Consultation Draft)" and the 2019 Shenzhen Robot Annual Award Ceremony series activities were successfully held in Shenzhen Civic Center. With its outstanding performance in the field of robots in 2019, EAI won the "Technology Innovation Service Robot TOP10" and "Top Ten Key Robotics Accessories Enterprise" awards, and was written into a white paper opinion draft as a representative company of lidar.


"Shenzhen Robot Industry Development White Paper", as the annual development encyclopedia of Shenzhen's robot industry, was co-written by the Shenzhen Economic and Trade and Information Technology Commission, the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shenzhen Robot Association (SRA). The comprehensive review of the development status in the past year and the prospects for the next year's development, the robot companies included in it have a certain benchmark in the industry.


As one of the core sensors of autonomous mobile robots, lidar plays a key role in the functions of mapping, navigation, obstacle avoidance and other functions realized by robots. In recent years, with the rapid development of the field of artificial intelligence, a group of domestic lidar companies have been established and are growing stronger. EAI relies on the continuous accumulation and innovation of technology, and gradually walks in the forefront of the consumer-grade lidar track. Under the superior conditions of self-built smart factories, while the quality and delivery time are greatly guaranteed, lidar products have formed the industry-leading characteristics of new technologies, high cost performance, and large-scale mass production.


In the past year, EAI lidar has shown a trend of high cost effective performance. With the efforts of all EAI colleagues, EAI consumer-grade lidar has continued to break through in the past 2019. In addition to the technological innovation in the TOF lidar category,EAI lidar output in the field of robot vacuum cleaner, service robots and household consumer robots have reached a new height, which increase the market share in mainland China and overseas.


This time, as a representative of the lidar company,EAI was written in the white paper opinion draft, which is not only the recognition of EAI's outstanding performance in the field of robots in the past year, but also the future of EAI's adherence to customer-concentric, continuous technological innovation and continued development of the robot industry.


EAI will maintain its consistent responsibility, walk ahead with our mission.

To contribute to the development of the robot industry!