2019 World Robot Conference ends successfully, EAI debuts many new products


On August 25, the World Robot Conference, the largest conference in the field of robotics in China, with the largest scale, the highest specifications, and the most abundant international elements, ended successfully. This conference attracted more than 180 countries from more than 20 countries to participate. Companies, Japan's Kyodo News Agency and other 374 domestic and foreign media widely reported that EAI as a member of the exhibitors, honored and fortunate. 

On Double Eleven in 2017, EAI released the YDLIDAR X4, which opened the prelude to the domestic lidar consumer class, reducing the lidar market price from a thousand yuan to a hundred yuan, promoting the widespread application of lidar in the market. Praised by the market.

Less than thirty days later, EAI released the YDLIDAR G4, which was the best-performing domestic two-dimensional lidar at that time. It adopted the core patented optical magnetic wireless technology to solve the market problems of poor performance and unstable conditions of other lidar brands. Since then, EAI has quickly grown into a leader in domestic lidar research, production, and sales brands. 

In March of this year, EAI released the YDLIDAR X2L, which is the size of a bottle cap. Its lighter weight and mini size bring more design possibilities to the space structure and appearance of the robot car. It is widely used in makers and education. Praised. 

At the Robot Conference, many new EAI products were unveiled one by one, and they answered in a silent announcement how YDLIDAR is different from other lidar brands-EAI focuses on robotic mobile solutions. In addition to the new products previously released, the new products released by EAI at the scene include the triangle ranging series YDLIDAR G6, YDLIDAR G2, YDLIDAR G1, and TOF series T30, T15, TX20, TX8. Products with different specifications provide more alternative solutions for robotic intelligent mobile applications. 

At the conference, the YDLIDAR product wall attracted many customers to stop for detailed discussions with a full range of lidar products. The staff demonstrated the excellent performance parameters of the YDLIDAR lidar to the customers by means of physical operations, and introduced the customers in the form of size comparison. YDLIDAR lidar has a more reasonable space design, more refined appearance size ... High quality, high volume, all categories, EAI shows domestic and foreign customers the best style of domestic lidar. 

New Product Introduction-YDLIDAR G2

YDLIDAR G2 is a 360 ° scanning low-cost optical-magnetic wireless technology lidar launched by EAI in early August. This product is based on the principle of triangular ranging and uses the independently developed YD Image 3.0 technology. The ranging frequency is up to 5000 times / S, and the scanning frequency is 5 -12Hz, can easily sense the surrounding environment, and realize fast and accurate mapping.

New Product Introduction-YDLIDAR T15

YDLIDAR T15 is one of the industrial-grade coaxial pulsed TOF lidar T series launched by EAI. T15 can complete 30,000 scanning operations per second. With self-developed signal processing algorithm, coupled with its highest refresh rate of 35Hz, it can perceive more Multiple scene details to achieve accurate construction; closed cover design, IP65 protection level, can be applied in outdoor scenes.

New Product Introduction-YDLIDAR TX8

YDLIDAR TX8 is one of the professional ultra-small outdoor use lidar TX series launched by EAI in mid-August. TX8 is based on the pulsed TOF principle, which can effectively avoid strong light interference. In addition, it uses independent research and development of optical vision acquisition and processing technology, ranging The frequency is up to 4000 times / S, which can achieve high-precision distance measurement and accurate mapping indoor and outdoor. It is worth noting that the TX series is smaller than the X2L.