Returning with honor, YDLIDAR debuts independently at AWE


From March 14th to 17th, the 2019 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (2019AWE for short) was successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition is the world's three major international consumer electronics exhibitions that go hand in hand with German IFA and American CES. The number of registered consumers has increased by 200%, and the audience at home and abroad has exceeded 350,000. EAI's YDLIDAR was invited to debut independently at AWE for the first time, and won the praise of the exhibitors with its professional attitude!

Yuedeng Intelligent is committed to providing the industry's most powerful and best quality lidar sensors to users in the industry. At this exhibition, a series of lidars specially designed for service robots, sweeping robots, large screen interaction, education and other fields will shine at the exhibition with their outstanding performance!

As one of the few exhibitors in the laser radar industry, YDLIDAR's surprise to customers is not only its ranging frequency of up to 4000HZ per second and scanning frequency of up to 12HZ, which is behind its excellent performance. The production capacity is up to 1 million, which provides a reliable guarantee for the rapid market launch of customers' intelligent products.

Among the many exhibited exhibits, the most popular among customers is of course YDLIDAR S4 / S2. As a lidar product customized for the sweeper industry, its high cost performance has successfully attracted the attention of many customers. Many mature customers have been praised for their mature solutions for the mass production of sweeper manufacturers.

Of course, the most amazing version is its thinner and lighter version. As the smallest lidar on the market, it can improve the appearance of the products it carries by more than one grade!

The most popular among foreign customers is of course YDLIDAR's lidar products developed with TOF technology, which can be used in sweepers, lawn mowers, service robots and other products in overseas markets based on the attribute of no patent risk. Show off his skills.

Beginning with performance, loyal to quality, AWE, not the beginning!