New product releaseYDLIDAR X2L, such as lid-sized lidar


Last week, EAI officially launched YDLIDAR X2L, a lighter and smaller belt-driven 360 ° scanning lidar in the domestic market, setting a new record for the smallest size of lidar in the domestic market. Like the previously released YDLIDAR X4, the YDLIDAR X2L is a 360 ° two-dimensional ranging lidar sensor based on the principle of triangular ranging.

    In the current AI field, the trend of integration and miniaturization of ROS education robots is becoming increasingly apparent, with smaller sizes and higher appearance values. The technology-explosive lidar plays a pivotal role in improving the space utilization of robot cars and improving the beauty of robot cars. status. Based on the needs of this industry, YDLIDAR X2L continuously optimizes the product's spatial structure and considers the rationality of the structural design, and realizes the possibility of smaller size of the product without compromising the basic performance of the lidar.

    Smaller size also means lower power consumption, small size, low power consumption, stable performance, and long life. X2L can bring more research to students, makers and researchers who are new to SLAM and ROS development. Great convenience. 

    The support for developers is much more than that. X2L provides a wealth of hardware and software interfaces, which can implement the system's motor enable control, speed control, ranging core enable control and output control. On this basis, users can implement X2L power control and scan control. In order to facilitate user development, SDK open source tools and rich usage materials are also provided, which is simple to use and easy to operate.

    Better service revolves around better products. Behind the small size, YDLIDAR X2L has a sampling frequency of 3000Hz per second and has a 8m radius measurement range. At the same time, X2 has a motor driver with a motor speed adjustment function, which can modulate the scanning frequency by itself. It fully meets the requirements for construction, navigation and obstacle avoidance of the robot car. Therefore, X2L can be widely used in maker education, scientific research, algorithm verification, and obstacle avoidance of cars. 

    As a belt-driven 360 ° lidar, another important application of X2L is the intelligent sweeping robot, which is thin and light, has excellent performance, and mature solutions. It can meet the functional tasks of real-time mapping, autonomous navigation, and intelligent obstacle avoidance of the sweeping robot. In addition, the space structure of the sweeper has been greatly optimized to enhance its competitiveness.


    For five years, EAI has been practicing the principle of low-cost lidar, from the cost-effective YDLIDAR X4 to the excellent performance YDLIDAR G4 to the YDLIDAR X2L launched today. Starting from demand, we insist on serving the best customers with the most suitable products and the most favorable prices.

    Achieving every customer is the eternal value of EAI.